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Title: Motor mounts for 1.3
Post by: 1badmotorfinger on March 16, 2020, 07:21:27 AM
So I’m getting close to installing my rebuilt 1.3 and need to replace my motor mounts. I’ve done a fair amount of research on this but can’t really find a clear answer on what’s compatible or best to go with. I’m also not looking to go the “unbreakable” route which certain vendors offer.

So, obviously you have the stock and stock-like aftermarket mounts which are known to be weak. Some vendors offer an “HD” or “Heavy Duty” mount but offer no pictures, details or other to substantiate this claim.

Next, I’ve read and have heard that you can possibly use the 1.6 mounts with the 1.3 but some say only on drivers side while others say they can be used on both sides. I have one and it’s a 1/4 to 1/2 inch taller so I’m wondering if using them is even feasible or if it would raise the engine height or cause other issues with transmission or drivetrain.

Last, seems to be a fair amount of people who’ve used the old Dodge D100/5.2/318 mounts as they’re a lot like the stock ones but solid and built to withstand a lot bigger motor/weight/torque. I’m honestly leaning towards using some of these but I imagine that they’re a little thicker and thus may result in the same potential issues with motor height and angle which I mentioned above with respect to the 1.6 mounts.

Fellow ZUK’ers, do any of you have experience or advise with respect to motor mounts, the points/questions I pose above, or have any suggestions for other mounts that work with the stock 1.3? Thanks!!!
Title: Re: Motor mounts for 1.3
Post by: zorproducts on March 30, 2020, 10:48:48 PM
There are three factory mounts for 1.3 and 1.6
All the 1.6 except the exception are the same. Large with differences. Some model 1.6 came with a steel plate rubber coated when the mount was made. No doubt some Japanese engineer thought it would be quieter with manual transmission.
The 1.3 were always the same. Driver side mount rips from engine torque going away. Easily fixed with a limit chain around mount, for those needed it.

The exception was a larger 1.3 mount on a rare sidekick. Over the years that part number has merged into a standard 1.3 mount at most auto parts stores. This sidekick is easy to identify but it’s a unicorn. In a early 89 the first Sodekicks were coming in. Not a good time for Suzuki either. A recent consumer report falsely accused them of designing a dangerous vehicle known in the USA as a Samurai. They may have rushed this to market prematurely trying to get another model on the USA market. So for the first six months of 89, a 1.3 carbed sidekick was made. It was so gutless that they had to gear it the lowest gear set that ASIAN made for that car thru the entire production run to 2001.  Sidekick 5:88 gears are so rare people pay a lot of money. So with all that axle gearing the engine mount had to be upgraded. It’s bigger than a Samurai and smaller than a Sidekick.

Problem with running two 1.6 mounts is the trans is lifted up in the front allowing the fluid to run away from the front trans bearings. It shortens the life of the trans if driven long distances on flat roads.

So there really is a HD mount. For us it’s getting harder and harder to obtain.

I am a fan of no vibration rubber mounts and accept the fact that big tires and low gears are gonna lift that drive side engine up. So replace the mount often or put a limit chain on it.
Title: Re: Motor mounts for 1.3
Post by: 1badmotorfinger on April 19, 2020, 08:25:24 AM
Thanks MY!!

I did order in some of the Dodge mounts. They’re very close to the Samurai mounts in thickness and seem like they’d hold up a lot better. The studs are slightly larger so you’d have to drill the mount holes out a bit. The other issue though is that the studs are probably 3/8 - 7/16 farther offset/apart. I’m sure with the right tools and materials one could easily fabricate something though to make them work. Kind of makes me wonder why no one has done this yet in the aftermarket world as the dodge mounts sure seem like an excellent, inexpensive and reliable alternative to the weak OEM style.
Title: Re: Motor mounts for 1.3
Post by: 1badmotorfinger on May 17, 2020, 07:57:44 PM
Ended up going with O’Reillys house brand which is ‘power torque’. Out of all the aftermarket mm’s I’ve looked at these are the best and actually have more rubber on them. In addition, I bought some 3M urethane and filled the mm’s up about half way full with it. The stuff I used has a ‘shore A’ hardness of 60a which is middle of the road and should toughen them up but not add extra vibration. Read somewhere that someone had done this on their ZUK mom’s so thought I’d give it a try. Plus there’s a few pages like this one that cover making urethane mm’s.