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Author Topic: How to remove a Samurai cluster from a round vent dash.  (Read 552 times)


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How to remove a Samurai cluster from a round vent dash.
« on: June 28, 2015, 07:55:57 PM »

You have a round dash vent so your cluster has a Allen in each corner. Some early models had glass so be careful if your lenses are glass and please do not ship them to me. After the bezel is removed and cluster out, then you can proceed to next step. Removal offloads: Clean around the edge and gently cut any glue with a razor blade. Pushing on the glass to get it unstuck is a bad idea.

To remove cluster you need 40 Torx driver. I use a 3/8" drive socket to 40torx with 8"'extension.
Remove kick panel below steering wheel of still there. It is a flat plastic cover allowing access to the wiring and switches under the cluster. A Phillips and a 10'mm nut driver usually gets through that quickly.'
Drop two inner Torx screws out from underneath steering coloumn looking up. Coloumn will then drop to crash bar. Remove the corner Allene with a 3 mm Allen key. Apply a little pressure down on steeringnwheelmtomclear bottom of bezel. Pull cluster out slightly after bezel has cleared the hazard switch and is off. Secure each of the four corner speed nuts. They are either missing or loose. You need all four to reinstall bezel. Sitting in driver seat pull left side of cluster out slightly and depress the white connector tab while pulling connector out. Then reach in further with flat blade screw driver and catch lip of speedo cable prying away and off of speedo cable connector on back of the speedo. Then push left side back in and pull out right side. Depress tab in this connector while pulling connector away from cluster. Pull cluster out to reveal the American Switch. It has red, white and blue wires that have bullet disconnects. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PULL BULLET APART. TOU WILL BREAK THE WIRE! The best thing to do is follow to switch. I screw switch by removing the black Phillips ahead screw. Once loose, just pull wires up through cluster opening. The last wire is only on originally equipped AC cars. It misnamed for blackmailed that if you follow it you find a reusable black plastic disconnect. Unplug from one for and pull up through cluster opening. 
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