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Author Topic: Blow Thru Sucks-eventually all vac lines will get saturated with fuel.  (Read 447 times)


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Recently we encountered another distributor with a bad dash pot that gas may have gotten into the distributor.. In previous dizzy issues we had stopped the issue of burnt distributors by taking electrical  accessories off the ignition circuit. In over a year I donít believe I have any reports of a dizzy that was melted. We are still investigating the electrical work done by the customer to determine if his recently added additional accessories were on the ignition circuit.

I suggest all turbo owners completely remove the vac line going to the distributor and use this new timing method. At idle, engine warm, choke off.

Adjust timing to 20-22 BTDC and if needed adjust idle down and recheck timing. Remember listen for pinging and adjust timing accordingly and ALWAYS use premium fuel.

Previous timing method was to pinch vac line and set to 5-6 degrees. When vac line to distributor was unpinched the static timing would be about 20-22 BTDC. All Suzuki 1.3 distributors have mechanical weights in them that advance upon acceleration.
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