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Author Topic: Stalling after warmed up?  (Read 220 times)


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Stalling after warmed up?
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:52:46 PM »

So I'm having an interesting problem. I swapped a geo tracker 1.6 into my 87 samurai but opted to keep the original intake manifold and Hitachi carb by wiring up an inline fuel pump. When its cold out side, I can start the Sami just fine. Seems like the choke is doing its job until the engine warms up. It'll be sitting around 1200 RPM on a cold start, let it warm up and as soon as it warms up it barely idles at all until it dies. If I keep my foot on the throttle and force it back up to around 1200 RPM for around 5 minutes or so it will start to idle around 800 RPM like normal. If the Sami is in my heated garage all night and then I start it, it warms up fine and then idles fine right afterwards. Very strange. Anyone know the likely culprit? Bad choke?
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