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Author Topic: My ZOR Turbo Kit Install  (Read 1594 times)


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Re: My ZOR Turbo Kit Install
« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2019, 08:46:38 AM »

what are your thoughts on the added power of the turbo

It makes a huge difference. I live in Colorado, so my NA motor was rough to live with as a rule. Lots of steep hills, often had to take them in third. I was relegated to the right lane of the highway, and if I had to overtake, it was in fourth and it took awhile.

With the turbo, I can do plenty of hills in fourth with no lugging, at a good speed, without having to worry about choking out. I can overtake on level highway sections in fifth gear, in a reasonable time. I haven't done any scientific tuning on a Dyno, but as a seat of the pants study, it's fantastic.
thanks man just what i wanted to hear
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