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Author Topic: What is the best way to read and adjust air fuel ratio on MY-Side Turbo?  (Read 546 times)


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What does your air fuel ratio meter read?

At idle you want 14.7 which is perfect ratio

To obtain this number the a/f ratio screw is under the carb butterfly and can be adjusted while engine is running.

Normally this screw is not very sensitive but when boost at idle is applied the adjustment can be dialed in easily.

During driving the air fuel ratio meter will change rapidly lean and rich. What you need to be concerned about is when in higher gearing and high speed and still accelerating the gauge should read between 12:5  to 13:5

Those are richer numbers

15:1 16:1 are lean numbers

If the gauge blanks out like this

_  _ _ _ _ _

That is so lean itís a warning sign to get off the gas pedal

To increase the fuel at high boost and high speed the emulsifier  tube ID has to be enlarged with the jet drill set.
If you need to do that I have pictures and details to increase fuel.
Before I drill I always try turning up the PR by turning the rod 1/2 to 1 turn in.
You then have to make sure that you are not blowing fuel out of the carb into the pitot tube back into the charge tube back into the carb into the engine.
I find more often than not that helps when I have break up on acceleration.

Break up: the engine stutters under load. Not smooth increased revs.
Fix is drilling emulsifier tube if increasing fuel flow thru pressure regulator doesnít stop break up enough to get to high speed boost

The best gauge is AEM wide band digital air fuel ratio digital number meter with Bosch preheated O2 sensor. Amazon has them about $165

The worst gauges are narrow band  light bulb flashing gauges (no-no)
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