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Glad To Have Found You

Started by Dinky, Jul 03, 2024, 12:19 PM

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Hello all and thank you for allowing me to join your board. Where to start? +/-15 years ago the wife came home and said she saw a "cute" little car for sale down the street.  Being she was currently driving our Expedition she wanted something smaller. A few minutes and $1500.00 later was driving home a 89' Sidekick JX, bone stock no thrills. 

The temps (Arizona) stated getting hot and she grew tired of it.  Sat around for another year or so, tried thinking of who in the family we might offer it to and get some use out of it. Nothing ever came to be.  Instead of just letting die a slow death we decided to take it to our vacation home in Mexico.  Gave it a serious once over and came back in remarkably good shape still. Then took it in and had the suspension done, with new wheels. From then until just the past few months it's has stayed in Mexico.  With all the other off-road toys we have we keep coming back to this one as our favorite.  So now we're looking to start going through it and repairing up grading.

The only problem Dinky gave us was the radiator. Tried swapping it out but what a nightmare.  Why it's so difficult I have no idea.  Ended up welding the concern spots but would still like to replace it at some time. Anyway, hope to bring you guys along for the ride.   


Still Zukin