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Raffle Drawing List

Started by MY, Mar 06, 2022, 03:17 PM

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The raffle is for gift certificates  to be spent at ZOR's websites or ZOR dealers.

Grand Prize drawn 3rd is $500
Grand prize B drawn 2nd is $300
Grand prize C drawn 1st is $200

We will list below eligible donors for the Paradise Valley High School Project. The drawings will be held when the Samurai are finished. Drawing will be held on YouTube ZuksOffRoad channel.
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


Still Zukin ticket #s 1-25

Add 25 for first to donate

50 spots
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


Dustin B. and Mike H. (Aka Armyman)  each have 100 tickets

Also da Phloop 50 tickets

The fella that sent the door panels which are incredible btw. I need to know the value and I don't have your name handy. Each dollar is a ticket

Thursday the 7th we arrived at the school at seven and left after 3. We got two transmissions rebuilt and two t-cases got rebuilt with lower gears. Sumo the company donated $700 worth of product to the High School. The teacher, Matt, Jay and myself were wearing mics all day. Thankfully I am not doing the editing on this video for you tube. FORD donated money and Kevin used it for the video company.
Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


Steve B...

Has 300 tickets for the raffle

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.


This went the way of the economy. I wanted the video done before we drew for winners. I will do something about drawing asap. The people listed have a damn good chance of winning lol


Ok video is done. the link is in this category.  Both Samurais ran,  it was horribly expensive but worth it.  That went South! No doubt due to the many obstacles with distractions, thrown at all of us.

I will be having the raffle soon and sending the certificates immediately after the raffle.

I have included a picture of the class with ZOR SUMO t-shirts. 




600 total spots on raffle.  For simplicity and fairness I have come up with a plan.

Five players
Phloop 50 one spot
StilZukin 50 one spot
Mike Hamilton 100 two spots
Dustin B 100 two spots
Steve B 300 six spots

12 spots on a raffle wheel
1st spin is for $200 gift certificate
2nd spin is for $300 gift certificate
3rd spin is for $500 gift certificate

First winning spot removed
Second winning spot removed
Third winning spot end of game
If name still on board for 2nd and 3rd spin you could win multiple times.