Transmission whine

Started by iklukowski, Oct 16, 2023, 02:10 AM

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Hello, everyone. A few months ago I bought my first Samurai. It had a whine in every gear besides 4th, so I assumed it was the input shaft bearing in the Transmission. I have since rebuilt the transmission using all Nachi bearings and I also replaced the clutch, throwout bearing, pilot bearing and all U joints as well as splitting the T-case and removing the center detent ball to prep for the Twin sticks. Now after getting it all back together the noise still exists. It's coming from the front of the transmission, So i assume it's the input bearing still. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated. I'm using MasterPro 80-90 fluid in the trans and t-case and i used assembly lube on all the bearings. One thing I noticed was the old input bearing I removed was a sealed bearing and the new one is unsealed. Is there a chance that fluid is perhaps not making it to the input bearing?

Thanks, guys   


Is there a possibility it could be coming from the input shaft itself? It appears pretty worn.