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92 Lwb Samurai

Started by Martin, Jan 19, 2024, 10:26 AM

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Hey everyone thought it start up a build thread for my lwb sj413, originally built in Spain as a Santana. I bought it from a breaker I know down in England after he sent me this picture.


He had started breaking it for parts so the body was strapped to the chassis as most of the body mount bolts had been cut off. Only thing it didn't come with was a transfer box but luckily I had couple spare and the one from my previous build. He flung most of it together for me collecting it.


Got it home and made a start to the welding. Both sills where rotten and most of the arches needed done. My previous samurai had 4x4 box section sills which worked great, but I had some 2x4 box in the garage and liked the slightly tucked look so went for that.


Had a reasonably new set of 40mm ome springs I was reusing, so that coupled with my maxxis muudzillas in 33x13.50 and the rusty arches I decided to do a virtual lift again and cut the arches to the top of the arch lines. I also had to cut out the bulk head and move the axle forward a inch on the perches to get clearance.



Of the 6 body mount studs, I had to replace 3 of them the 2 front and 1 on the passenger rear.


Currently all of the bodyside welding is complete from the bulkhead back, next job is the tubs on the front clip, I have started cutting them out just need some free time to get back into garage



Because I didn't know the history of the engine I thought would be best to changed the timing belt and waterpump. Glad I did.


While I was doing all this I fitted my vitara/jimny powersteering set up. The jimny power steering box is a straight swap onto the chassis, the steering linkage needs shortend though. For the pump I used a vitara/sidekick pump and mount. The mount needed drilled to suit the 1.3 block. As it was a 1.3 with the 4bolt crank pulley there wasn't a factory pulley option so I went for a hm4x4 pulley as it didn't involve any import tax to the UK.


Last thing I did in the engine bay was fit a battery isolater, one for security and two for making it easier to relocate the battery to the opposite side of the engine bay where there is more space. Might need to change this if I decide to run 2.


My next job under the hood is to convert from the standard carb to a HIF44 SU. This is a common swap in the UK and works very well offroad.

As soon as I get back in the garage and make some more progress I'll make another post to keep the thread going.